Why everyone who doesn’t love Christmas, isn’t a scrooge.

With it literally being 4 days until christmas, I think this is probably something which so desperately needs to be addressed.

Christmas is a time of togetherness, it is a time when families come together.

However, sometimes people don’t have a solidified family,  a place to sleep, food to eat or a sound state of mind to enjoy Christmas like everyone else. Sometimes, Christmas is a reminder to a lot of people: what they have lost, or what they don’t have.

That doesn’t mean that those people cannot enjoy Christmas all the same, it just means that you shouldn’t expect these people to be on your level of happy purely because it is Christmas. Many, many, many people have different opinions to how Christmas should be, and that is perfectly fine.

Just please take into consideration, that for some people Christmas is shadowed with immense feelings of grief.

Please be grateful for the Christmas you have, however big or small. I promise you, there are so many people worse off than you on christmas day.

My mind turns to war torn countries, soldiers who are away from their families, families who have recently experienced a loss or just someone who is currently experiencing a bad episode.

Whatever you gift this Christmas, whether that be money, toys etc,  PLEASE pass along love and prosperity to those who need it most and gratitude to those who may already have everything else. 

I wish everyone the best for the festive season, and that you have the happiest new year possible.



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